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Contact Details

My current position is split across two departments at the University of Cambridge:

Department of Psychiatry

Address Brain Mapping Unit
Department of Psychiatry
University of Cambridge
Sir William Hardy Building
Downing Street
Cambridge, CB2 3EB, UK

MRC Biostatistics Unit

Telephone (Direct)+44 (0) 1223 767 408
Address MRC Biostatistics Unit
University of Cambridge
Cambridge Institute of Public Health
University Forvie Site, Robinson Way
Cambridge, CB2 0SR, UK
WebMRC Biostatistics Webpage


Email (Personal)simon.white@3-14.co.uk

Brief Biography

I am a Senior Research Associate at the Department of Psychiatry, University of Cambridge and the MRC Biostatistics Unit, University of Cambridge, working with Prof. Ed Bullmore on statistical aspects of development, psychiatry and neuroimaging.

I completed my PhD in statistics at the University of Nottingham's School of Mathematical Sciences, supervised by Professor Philip O'Neill (2005-2009). My research considered parameter inference using Markov Chain Monte Carlo for the SIR stochastic epidemic model conditioned on the final outcome of the epidemic.

I held a Career Development Fellowship at the MRC Biostatistics Unit (2010-2012) working with Professor Sheila Bird on a variety of public health issues concerning people who inject drugs.

In 2012 I became a Senior Investigator Statistician at the MRC Biostatistics Unit (2012-2019) working with Professor Fiona Matthews on statistical epidemiology in the context of ageing and cognition.

Outside of research my current activities/roles/etc:

Research Interests

I am interested in a wide variety of statistical methods and applications, specifically Bayesian statistics and associated methods applied to longitudinal data.

In brief, they include:


Statistical Support Calendar

As part of my role within the Department of Psychiatry I provide statistical support and advice to postgraduate students and research groups across the department. The following calendar lists available slots for students.

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